About Us


The Crystal River Valley NON-PROFIT Food Co-op is an established charitable 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit formed to provide the students and the parents of our local and broader communities in fostering better health with nourishing, organic, and as locally sourced as possible, free lunches. This as an initial charitable activity utilizing 'onsite-growing', and local farm sources to improve childhood health. As we grow, the followlng initiatives are scheduled: Free local education for students, parents, and the community as a whole, with regard to:

1) The nutritional superiority that fresh, natural, organic foods provide when compared to processed, or GMO (genetically modified organism) food.

2) The value of organic plant-based diets and exercise, with particular emphasis on how such reverses diabetes, eliminates obesity, and places into remission or completely cures cancer.

3) The advances provided by the latest 'peer-reviewed' science relating to 'alternative' and 'Integrative' holistic medical research.

4) Eventually the development of a 'year-round grow' greenhouse, and the establishmentof a true non-profit food store that will act as a 'hub' for our efforts and provide the hardworking young people element of our community with quality food 'at cost', while providing all with organic, locally produced, nourishing food at an ethically derived 'costplus' price.

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Our Objectives and Recent Activity towards their Achievement

Our long-term objective is to provide the families and students of our local community with free organically grown meals on daily basis for the school term, at the onset.

Why: There are far too many kids enrolled in each school who have no access to nourishing food at school, even with discounted prices, and many experience very limited and unbalanced diets tn their homes as well.

How: Through donations to fund fair to above market price purchases from local organic growers, and pay local young community people to prepare them 5 days a week, 30 weeks a year, with a quallfied kltchen space for that preparation.


Following the drop-off of funding contributions brought on with the Covid-29 disruptions, we've concentrated our funding efforts on the development of artisan Sourdough Bread baking and sales to help fund our activities. Toward that end, we have become well-accepted in the regional Farmer's Markets and local communities as producers of fresh organic, hand-crafted, naturally leavened whole-grain breads using locally grown grain with 'enhanced fermentation'.

In addition to providing superior taste, our bread has proven to minimize the symptoms of "gluten sensitivity" issues including those actually diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

We have anecdotal evidence that the quality of our bread helps restore insulin production by those with diagnosed Diabetis Type 1, but many who have 'tasted and seen' report a minimal if any adverse response.

Over the summer of 2020 we provided organic locally sourced food to The Marble Charter School families in Gunnison County, and "Stepping Stones", a youth mentoring program that operates drop-in centers for youth ages 10 - 21, in the Roaring Fork Valley with weekly deliveries of local, fresh, organically grown food from the North Fork Valley. This was made possible by grants from The Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger, administered by the Trailhead Institute; and The Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley, along with a small group of much appreciated well-informed private donors, We are most grateful for all their support.

There is a clear need In the all the local communities of Colorado for nourishing food from outside sources. The Colorado School Lunch program is contrary to to good health by basic content. Our 'model' stands as an improved alternative, and can be replicated In other communities to serve their needs.

Concurrant with that is the obvious need in all communities for the establishment of true 'non-profit' food stores such as our own beloved Old River Road Trading Post here in Paonia, which provide all, especially the hard-working 'young people' element, in our community with quality food for their families by making available fresh, organically grown, locally produced nourishing food.